METIS Products

DRS 5070

The DRS 5070 system is a professional scanner for books, maps, drawings, scrolls up to 50x70cm. It 's one of the latest product in the DRS family and includes the best of Metis technology and experience.

DRS 5070 Technical Specifications (PDF)

DRS 5070 SynchroLight (PDF)

DRS 5070 Book Cradle(PDF)

DRS 5070 Brochure (PDF)



The DRS A0 system is the newborn in Metis and incorporates some very unique technologies and solutions developed by Metis in order to overcome current technological limitations. It's a very special scanner that represents the new benchmark for image quality in the professional domain.

DRS A0 Technical Specifications (PDF)

DRS A0 Brochure (PDF)



The DRS 2A0 system is ideal solution for the reproduction of large format originals and in particular maps, technical drawings, architectural scrolls, prints, and muchmore. The high geometric accuracy makes it ideal for applications such as professional cartography.

DRS 2A0 Brochure (PDF)


DRS Software

The DRS software is a very powerful program developed by METIS to manage, in a highly automated manner, all the DRS scanners. The DRS Software is capable of acquiring, processing and saving hundreds of megabytes of images in just a few seconds. It's an extremely user-friendly software based on a visual interface (with icons) with many tools and features designed to satisfy both : the professional and the neophyte user.

DRS Software Technical Specifications (PDF)


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